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NOW AVAILABLE: VA Election Candidate Survey Results

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2017 Virginia General Election: You Decide!

On November 7, 2017, Virginia voters will have an important opportunity to raise their voices and ensure that the next state leadership protects and  represents your values.  The NAKASEC 2017 Virginia Election Guide gathered perspectives from all of the candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegates in Northern Virginia on critical topics to the Korean and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) electorate.  Issues include 1) health care access, 2) jobs, ) K-12 public education funding, 4) college affordability, 5) immigrant rights, and 6) voting access.

The complete Election Guide with the full responses of candidates who responses are available here:  EnglishKorean

NAKASEC encourages Korean and Asian American voters in the state to use this information as a tool and explore other available resources to learn about candidates and their policies.  NAKASEC is a non-partisan organization and the guide is not an endorsement of any candidate.  This guide was compiled from responses to questionnaires NAKASEC sent out to all of the candidates in August and are published verbatim.  All candidates had equal opportunity to submit responses; if they did not respond, we recorded it as “Did Not Respond.”

**The deadline for all candidates to submit their responses was September 5, 2017.  Responses referring to DACA may be outdated, as candidates may have sent their responses prior to the rescission of DACA on September 5, 2017.

Click here to find your district and make an informed vote on the House of Delegates candidates!

Governor Candidates
Edward W. “Ed” Gillespie (R) – Did Not Respond
Clifford D. Hyra (L) – EnglishKorean
Ralph S. Northam (D) – EnglishKorean

Lieutenant Governor Candidates
Justin E. Fairfax (D) – English, Korean
Jill Vogel (R) – Did Not Respond

Attorney General Candidates
John Adams (R) – Did Not Respond
Mark Herring (D) – KoreanEnglish

House of Delegates Candidates
District 2
Jennifer D. Carroll Foy (D) – English, Korean

District 13
Robert G. “Bob” Marshall (R) – Did Not Respond
Danica A. Roem (D) – English, Korean

District 31
Elizabeth R. Guzman (D) – English, Korean
L. Scott Lingamfelter (R) – Did Not Respond
Nathan D. Larson (I) – English, Korean

District 32
Thomas A. “Tag” Greason (R) – Did Not Respond
David A. Reid (D) – Did Not Respond

District 33
David A. LaRock (R) – Did Not Respond
Tia L. Walbridge (D) – Did Not Respond

District 34
Cheryl A. Buford (R) – Did Not Respond
Kathleen J. Murphy (D) – Did Not Respond

District 35
Mark L. Keam (D) – English, Korean

District 36
Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum (D) – Did Not Respond

District 37
David L. Bulova (D) – English, Korean

District 38
Paul B. Haring (R) – English, Korean
L. Kaye Kory (D) – EnglishKorean

District 39
Vivian E. Watts (D) – EnglishKorean

District 40
Timothy D. “Tim” Hugo (R) – Did Not Respond
Donte T. Tanner (D) – EnglishKorean

District 41
Eileen Filler-Corn (D) – Did Not Respond

District 42
Lolita I. Mancheno-Smoak (R) – Did Not Respond
Kathy K. L. Tran (D) – English, Korean

District 43
Mark D. Sickles (D) – Did Not Respond

District 44
Paul E. Krizek (D) – Did Not Respond

District 45
Mark H. Levine (D) – EnglishKorean

District 48
R. C. “Rip” Sullivan, Jr. (D) – Did Not Respond

District 49
Alfonso H. Lopez (D) – Did Not Respond
Adam Roosevelt (R) – Did Not Respond

District 50
Lee J. Carter (D) – Did Not Respond
Jackson Hunter Miller (R) – Did Not Respond

District 51
Richard L. Anderson (R) – Did Not Respond
Hala S. Ayala (D) – Did Not Respond

District 52
Luke E. Torian (D) – Did Not Respond

District 53
Mike S. Casey (I) – Did Not Respond
Marcus Simon (D) – EnglishKorean

District 67
Karrie K. Delaney (D) – Did Not Respond
James M. “Jim” LeMunyon (R) – Did Not Respond

District 86
Jennifer B. Boysko (D) – English, Korean
Linda C. Schulz (R) – Did Not Respond

District 87
John J. Bell (D) – Did Not Respond
Subba R. Kolla (R) – Did Not Respond