At NAKASEC, we believe in community-led advocacy. Collective action builds power and affects positive, systemic change for everyone. We believe that social movements are built from the grassroots or bottom up. For this reason, we engage our most vulnerable community members through active listening sessions, one on one’s, and intentional community building activities, campaigns and events.

NAKASEC helped me feel cared for by a community and taught me that no one should be denied basic human rights because of their immigration status. I feel I now have the courage to advocate for marginalized people and help my community in the same way they helped me!

HanaYoung leader from CA

I have so much respect for the resilience, spirit, and courage of these young people and will continue to volunteer and help for as long as my health permits.

Mr. JungKorean senior leader

NAKASEC has several local affilitates which include: HANA Center (Illinois), Hamkae Center (Virginia), Woori Center (Pennsylvania),
MinKwon Center for Community Action (New York), and Woori Juntos (Texas). Currently, NAKASEC is exploring partnerships with community members in areas with a growing Asian and Pacific Islander population as well as a potential for organizing. 


Do you know of areas with Asian Americans who want to organize and fight for justice? Let us know by emailing Jung Woo Kim, Organizing Director, at