NAKASEC National Team

The NAKASEC National office is based out of the HANA Center located on 4300 N. California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618. Staff can be contacted at the following email addresses below:

Ann Berdhal (She/Her), Grant Manager |

Becky Belcore (She/Her), Executive Director |

Esther Jeon (She/Her), Policy & Organizing Coordinator |

Jung Woo Kim (He/Him), Campaign Director |

Lyra Kim (She/They), Membership Organizer & Communications Associate |

Michelle Liang (She/Her), Policy & Communications Associate | 

Nancy Wu (She/Her), Finance Manager |

Sam Yu (They/Them), Communications Coordinator |

Seongwon Kim (She/Her), Immigrant Justice Fellow |

NAKASEC National Office Number: 1-844-500-3222 (ext. 2)

NAKASEC Virginia Team

The NAKASEC VA office is located on 4304 Evergreen Ln, Annandale, VA 22003. Staff can be contacted at 703-256-2208 or at the following email addresses below:

Sookyung Oh (She/Her), D.C. Area Director |

Clara Kim (She/Her), Immigrant Justice Organizer |

Miae Bok (She/They), Resource Organizer | 

Soyoung Yoon (She/Her), Community Services Coordinator |

Jasmine Wung (She/Her), Civic Engagement Coordinator |

Van-Thanh Pham (She/Her), Community Engagement Coordinator |

Zowee Aquino (She/Her), Community Health Organizer |

Quynh Nguyen (They/Them), Communications & Membership Associate |

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