At NAKASEC, our team is our family! Click on any of our team members’ photos below to learn more about them and how you can contact them.

National Staff

Ann Berdahl, Development Coordinator

Becky Belcore, Director

Esther Jeon, Community Organizing & Advocacy Coordinator.

Jung Woo Kim, Organizing Director

Lyra Kim, Membership Organizer

Michelle Liang, Policy & Communications Manager

Nancy Wu, Finance Mananger

Sam Yu, Communications Coordinator

Seongwon Kim, Immigrant Justice Fellow

Virginia Staff

Sookyung Oh, DC Area Director

Miae Bok, Resource Organizer

Jasmine Wung, Civic Engagement Coordinator

Clara Kim, Immigrant Justice Organizer

Soyoung Yoon, Community Services Coordinator

Van-Thanh Pham, Community Engagement Organizer

Zowee Aquino, Community Health Organizer

Quynh Nguyen, Communications & Membership Associate


Wan-Mo Kang, Board Chair

Inhe Choi, Vice Chair

Emily Kessel, Secretary

Felix Lim, Deputy Secretary

Amanda Lowrey aka Kim Eun-Ja, Treasurer

Chongkuk Lee, Board Member

Dan Choi, Board Member

Ga Young Chung, Board Member

Ju Hong, Board Member

Julie Kil Joo Lee Kurumada, Board Member

Sophia Larkin, Board Member

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