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Call Now to Expand Medicaid in Virginia!

By April 4, 2017 No Comments


Not visiting a doctor due to fear of unaffordable medical bills is not uncommon. What is common is for low-income, immigrant, communities of color, and Asian American communities to make difficult decisions between going to the hospital or paying for their rent or mortgage. This should not be the case.

Call your state legislators now to vote in support of Medicaid expansion!

Virginia is one of 19 states that continue to fail to accept federal funding to help families and workers have the security of knowing that when they get sick, they can see a doctor without an enormous bill.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) the Virginia General Assembly will vote on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s budget proposal to expand Medicaid so that 400,000 more Virginians would have access to health insurance. Asian Americans comprise 5% of the uninsured population who would greatly benefit from Medicaid expansion. Click here to view a table showing the number of people by district who would benefit from Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Call your state legislators now to vote in support of Medicaid expansion! Visit this website to identify your legislator and click here for the phone numbers of your Delegates’ and Senators’ offices.

Everyone benefits when people are able to see a doctor when they need one. Call your state legislator today.

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