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Community Spotlight: Meet Maya!

By October 31, 2016July 24th, 2017No Comments

12971062_681849271917593_6012033706088054342_oI’m Maya Powers, a senior at Taft High School.  I’m Mexican American and a part of FYSH from KRCC.  I love taking on leadership roles in and outside of my school community. In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing and studying Korean.

Note: Maya is pictured on the bottom right!

How did you get involved with KRCC?

I discovered Fighting Youth Shouting Out for Humanity (FYSH) at the annual fundraising event, Coffeehouse ‘15.  I admired their activism and hard work, and I wanted to be a part of it.

How would you describe your community?

The community at KRCC is very inclusive and all the youth are motivated.  Ever since I joined FYSH, I’ve made it a priority to be as involved as possible because I truly love the environment and passion.  It’s amazing to work together with all the caring people that have the same goals and care about the same issues as you.

What do you think is the civil issue of the day?

Education equality and racial equality/justice are important issues right now.  Schools need to be well funded and cared for.  What we learn and how we treat our students and teachers needs to be prioritized and reformed as well.  As far as racial justice goes, America needs to get better at not dehumanizing and degrading people of color in every circumstance.

What is one thing on your bucket list before 2016 ends?

I want to have applied to all my 7 potential colleges by the end of the year.  With many extracurriculars and my job, it’s hard to stay on task with college applications but I’ll stay determined and I hope to get every single application done.