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Guiding Questions (English)

By October 14, 2015October 16th, 20152 Comments

Guiding Questions:

1. Have you ever supported a cause to make a change or improve something in your community? What was it and how did you work together with others to make it happen?

2. This month, families and community leaders from across the country are fasting in New Orleans  because they or their loved ones are waiting to apply for DACA+/DAPA, programs that would protect them from deportation and allow them to better provide for their families by getting better paying jobs, driver licenses, and an affordable education. Our community members can’t wait any longer. We need DACA+/DAPA now.

A) Why do people fast?

B) What can we [in Virginia or as NAKASEC] do to support immigrant families? And the fasters?

3. What is DACA?
Have you or someone you know benefited from DACA? How has it impacted your life or their lives?

What is DAPA? / expanded DACA?
Would you or someone you know benefit from DACA+/DAPA?

4. How would you like to see your community respond to this situation?

5. Why are some politicians spreading negative messages about immigrants? What can we do to change their minds and create a positive narrative about immigrant communities in the US?

6. What kinds of laws would you like to see enacted in order to hold our government accountable for caring for the community?