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AAPIs Join the “Fast to Keep Families Together”

By October 14, 2015October 16th, 2015One Comment

Hello friends,

On October 14th, impacted immigrant community members and national leaders have gathered in New Orleans, LA (NOLA) to begin “The Fast to Keep Families Together”— a powerful 9-day fast and vigil outside the 5th Circuit Court (organized by FIRM/CCC). NAKASEC, KRCC, and KRC, along with immigrant rights partners from across the country, have pledged to support the fasters in NOLA by committing to a series of one-day fasts throughout the 9 days and uplift AAPI stories/statements of support through social media.

WHAT: AAPI Solidarity Fasting (Oct 22) and Social Media Presence (Oct 14-22)

WHO: You!

WHEN: Wednesday, October 14 – Thursday, October 22

WHY: to help escalate the call to end the suffering of immigrant families (by the anti-immigrant lawsuit signed by 26 states) and ensure that the public knows how deeply DACA/DAPA and immigrant rights can impact the lives of AAPIs

As you know, we have been waiting for the 5th Circuit Court to make a decision on the lawsuit against DACA+/DAPA. Timing is critical if we want to see something happen during the Obama Administration. Our friends at NILC have said that we need the Department of Justice (DOJ) to bring the case to the Supreme Court but October 23 (so we need the 5th circuit to make a decision by Oct 22 at the latest).

The 5th Circuit’s delay in announcing a decision is taking time at the expense of more than 5 million families.


  • fasting on Thurs, October 22, making this day an AAPI day of fasting for immigrant families, and post on social media why you are fasting, OR
  • Tweet or post an image on Facebook to show support for the impacted community members fasting in NOLA and/or support for DACA/DAPA.
  • Lead a conversation with your co-workers, family, friends, or community group about what DACA/DAPA, immigration reform, and immigrant rights mean to the AAPI and immigrant community and post on social media why these issues are important to you 


NOLA Digital ToolKit (from FIRM/CCC)

ENGLISH : Conversation Guide
(with sample guiding questions and an AAPI community member’s story)

English: Guiding Questions

우리말 : Guiding Questions

*Note: More documents will be uploaded shortly.

Social Media Info:


  • Update your status and post photos. For example: “I have made a decision to fast for one day (or XX days) in solidarity with the fasters in NOLA to keep families waiting for expanded DACA+/DAPA together. My voluntary fast represents the urgency, the passion and sacrifice of a community striving for the attainment of immigration reform. #FamiliesFightBack


  • Tweet from your organizational or personal account 1) to show support for the fasters in NOLA and DACA/DAPA, and because
    2) our community can’t wait any longer/ to underscore the urgent need for DACA/DAPA .

Sample quotes for images or tweets: “We need DACA+/DAPA now because…” / “I am fasting because…”

“I support #DACA #DAPA because…” #FamiliesFightBack
“I support the fasters.” #FamiliesFightBack 4 #DACA #DAPA
“I am fasting because…” #FamiliesFightBack 4 #adminrelief

Please contact Sulma ( from FIRM/CCC for more information and to connect to the wider efforts around the fast.

You can also send an image (with your twitter handle) to Emily Kessel ( and we can post or tweet out your image.