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Public Hearing for DMV issue

By March 28, 2006No Comments

“Give ‘em a ticket!: The DMV Discriminates Against Immigrants”
On August 19, YKASEC – Empowering the Korean American Community and other organizations participated in a public hearing regarding immigrants and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).Recently, the New York State DMV sent letters to people who have a driver’s license or a temporary license, requiring that the social security number on their license match the number on their social security cards. Otherwise, the license will be taken away.Many undocumented immigrants are without a valid social security number, leaving them vulnerable to driving without proper identification, insurance, or not driving at all. Community leaders and elected officials expressed that the rule should be changed so that all drivers can have a license, regardless of citizenship status.

YKASEC’s executive director, Yu Soung Mun, was a panelist at the hearing. He argued that Korean Americans and other immigrant groups are greatly affected by the DMV’s S.S.N. checking policy. Immigrants who must travel or use a car for work could potentially lose a necessity to their daily survival. YKASEC, among others, also participated in rallies to highlight the importance of driver’s licenses to immigrants and the DMV’s discriminatory act against immigrants.