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Adoptee Network Seeking Alternatives to Inter-country Adoptions

By March 28, 2006No Comments

In August, the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center was a supporting organization of the third international gathering of over 400 Korean adoptees from 15 countries in Seoul.Since then, two organizations, Adoptee Solidarity Korea (ASK) based in Seoul and Helping Adoptees Lead Together (HALT) from Chicago, have been working collaboratively to establish a new international network of Korean adoptees called the Korean Adoptee Solidarity International (KASI).

KASI believes that the Korean government and its Ministry of Health & Social Affairs can serve as a world leader in providing alternatives to inter-country adoption. Rather than allow inter-country adoption as a primary solution to geopolitical inequality, the South Korean government should support the efforts of families struggling to stay together.KASI aims to strengthen social policies and financial incentives which directly support domestic adoption efforts, sex education, prevention of teen pregnancy, redistribution of aid to single parents, and expansion of social welfare programs (including paid leave) for vulnerable families who are low-income, headed by children, and/or at risk of relinquishing their children. Furthermore, the network seeks to monitor adoption agencies, social workers, as well as legislation and governmental compliance with legal frameworks protecting children’s and minority rights. The international network of Korean adoptees will continue to work closely with Koreans & Koreans living abroad who support the network’s goals. For more information within South Korea, contact, and outside of South Korea at