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Ignorance is Bliss…Or is it?

By August 16, 2011No Comments

By Chris Ly
New Organizing Project blogger



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“Ignorance is bliss…”

-Thomas Gray

Since the beginning of man, there have been countless situations in which man was ignorant. I don’t understand how ignorance is bliss, but I can understand how ignorance can sometimes translate into pure arrogance. I just recently encountered a whole summer full of people who were ignorant in more ways than one. One specific encounter was around their ignorance of the AAPI community. It seems like we’re always getting picked on, huh? I know all people of different cultures, races, colors and ethnicities have faced some form of ignorance, but when it occurs right in front of you, it makes it that much more real; it changes you.

Ever had someone come up to you and were just straight-up ignorant? I’d be surprised if you said no. Many people can be hurtful and rude sometimes. Everyone is different, we’ve all heard that, but we’re also all human. We share about 99% of the same DNA, but why is it that people STILL decide to ostracize certain kinds of people?

For example, I’m fat and Asian…weird right? You don’t see that many APIs who are overweight, but they do exist. I serve as a prime example. I had someone comment on my weight and race once. I don’t know if he knew, but there’s no correlation between race and weight. I’m fat because I live in America, and all we have here are fast food joints and fatty snacks. I wanted to scream at him and call him names, but…why steep so low and become just like him? It wasn’t worth it. Anyone like him isn’t worth it.

You’re always going to encounter that one person who feels like putting you down to put himself or herself above you, but I wouldn’t let that happen and neither should you. Don’t let people stay ignorant. When I hear a friend say something ignorant because they think they know all about what they’re talking about, I tell them that they’re wrong. Just trying to be a good friend is all. The AAPI community recognizes the stereotyping and arrogance against them and does everything and anything we can to raise awareness and stop the bullying. Always remember that bullying is detrimental, love is fundamental. Don’t cry, advocate for your people!