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Meet our Bloggers – Christopher Ly

By May 3, 2011No Comments

Meet our New Organizing Project, Generation 2 blogger, Christopher Ly! You will see his posts on Tuesdays right here for the next five months. Make sure you swing by and check out the issues he’ll be writing about!

Name: Christopher Ly
From: Atlanta, GA

1. If I can sum myself up….
I would give myself the title of “Captain of the Cool Kids”. Just kidding – my name is Christopher Ly, and I’m from Atlanta, GA. I love to get involved with the community, help those who are less fortunate that I am, engage in any activities that keep me busy and get involved with groups that share my same passion.

2. When I’m not blogging or engaged in community work, you can find me doing…
everything from working, to being the best boyfriend in the world, to schooling, to being a fraternity brother and breathing.

3. My favorite quote is…
“Mistakes are prone to happen. It isn’t about preventing certain events to happen, but to know what to do after your mistake has been made.” — anonymous

4. I think social media is… 
the newest way to get involved, become popular, get news, build relationships while making you more vulnerable to the public.

I tweet at@chrislyxD