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Youth Get Active

By July 12, 2011No Comments

By Chris Ly
New Organizing Project blogger

We all know about HB 87 in Georgia right? Well I know the youth of Community Action for Teens (CAT) do! They are engaging in efforts to educate the community on the contents of this bill.

As a former CAT member, and currently the adult supervisor, I am very proud of the youth. They take time out of their busy summer and help with this crucial project. They want the community to be educated, informed and empowered.

On June 27th, a federal court shut down some of the content of HB 87. They opted out the harboring, transporting and showing of papers parts of the legislation until the lawsuit has been resolved. I do hope that the federal government will take more action and shut down this bill completely – it’s tearing apart families, communities and having a negative impact on the economy. Hopefully Georgia will be as progressive New York, which recently passed a same-sex marriage bill, or Illinois, which recently passed the Dream Act.

If anyone is interested in finding out what we’re doing in Georgia to educate our communities, contact me! I can be reached at or on twitter at @chrislyxD