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My 7 Memorable Moments at KRCC

By December 20, 2010One Comment

By Hye Joo
New Organizing Project blogger

December is quickly passing by and as I am writing this,  I am  also anxiously waiting for my winter break to begin. I’m sitting on my desk now, wrapping up homework and suddenly realized that another year is coming to a close.

Every year is a memorable year. This year, I went through countless new experiences and learned so many important lessons and felt so many emotions. I cannot forget about the fun I had with friends, family and with volunteers at KRCC.

This will be my last NOP blog post for 2010 and I will end the year with a top 7 list of my most memorable moments at KRCC. See you in 2011!

1. Going to Massachusetts, Virginia and Washington D.C. to attend the Civil Liberties and Public Policy’s annual “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice Freedom” conference, Advancing Justice Conference and National Citizenship Day. (Oh my god! I have never been to 3 different states all in one year!)

2. Participating in a 2-day long fierce and so-much-to-learn-and-memorize but fun NOP blogging training in Chicago. (I still can’t forget how much snacks we ate during the course of those two days! Haha!)

3. Going on legislative visits locally and nationally in Chicago and Washington D.C.

4. Being an MC with one of our FYSH members, CK Kim, on our biggest annual Coffee House Fundraiser. (Yes, it was our 3rd and most successful fundraiser where almost 200 guests filled our Peterson office!)

5. Participating in petition action at the Chicago City Hall advocating for the passage of CIR and the DREAM Act. (We were shouting “Si se puede!” and the singing of “We are the World”).

6. Being recognized for the 2010 Youth Leadership Award and dancing the traditional Korean Hwagwanmu dance at KRCC’s 15th anniversary fundraiser. (I cannot express in words how much I loved learning to dance Hwagwanmu although the practices were very rigorous).

7. KRCC’s former Youth Program Director, Eun Young unni’s good-bye surprise party with Choco pie & candles :]

There is so much more, but these are the moments that I often reminisce because they mean a lot to me and I will always cherish them. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to make more memorable times with KRCC in the future.

One Comment