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[Press Statement] Senate Fails to Act on Justice. Dreams of Immigrant Youth Thwarted.

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For Immediate Release
December 18, 2010


Jane Yoo, NAKASEC,, 718-710-2277
Dae Joong Yoon, KRC,, 213-434-4267
Sik Son, KRCC,, 847-208-5426

Senate Fails to Act on Justice.
Dreams of Immigrant Youth Thwarted.
Fate of Student Legalization Bill Sealed in 111th Congress. Cloture Vote Ends in Disappointment.

Today, the U.S. Senate failed to rise in a critical moment to stand on the side of justice and do what was right for America. In a vote to pass cloture for the DREAM Act, the Senate was not able to capture the necessary 60 votes to clear the hurdle for debate. The final vote count was 55-41 ( Moment later, however, the Senate moved to give equality a chance by passing the cloture vote on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” by a 63-33 margin.

With its fate sealed this Congressional lame duck session, the DREAM Act leaves a legacy of nearly a decade of impactful, persistent and pioneering immigrant youth organizing in the United States that bore charismatic leaders and courageous activists. Immigrant communities will take notice of who within Congress acted as champions and who failed to act justly and humanely.

We got this far because of the hard work and tenacity of communities across the county. We will continue to raise the voice and participation of immigrants in our fight for student legalization and immigration reform.

NAKASEC will release a more detailed statement in the next few days including voices from students and the community.

The DREAM Act is a piece of legislation that would give eligible undocumented immigrant youth a chance to pursue higher education, enlist in the military and adjust their status. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act on December 8, 2010 (216-198).



The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) was founded in 1994 by local community centers to project a national progressive voice and promote the full participation of Korean Americans as a part of a greater goal of building a national movement for social change. NAKASEC is based in Los Angeles and a D.C. office opened in September 2008. NAKASEC also has affiliates in Los Angeles (The Korean Resource Center) and in Chicago (The Korean American Resource & Cultural Center).