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CAPAC letter to Pres. Barack Obama for immigration reform

By March 18, 20092 Comments

In alignment with a meeting held today between President Barack Obama and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on immigration reform, community based organizations like NAKASEC worked with non-CHC members to support their colleagues by sending letters to the President Obama. Below is a submitted letter by the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, under the leadership of Representative Mike Honda (D, CA-15).

CAPAC support for immigration reform


  • Lorraine says:

    I have been living here in America for 14 years. It is hard without a green card because I am often subjected to injustices by employers and I have no power to stand up for myself. From my prospective the law is not on our side. All my friends have given up and paid someone to marry them. The irony is that most are in more trouble now because the marriage have been deemed questionable and have received deportion letters.