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The Power of Words Through Social Media

By January 29, 2011No Comments

By Angela
New Organizing Project blogger

As my five-month journey with the New Organizing Project (NOP) ends, I want to highlight two of the most important lessons I learned as a blogger: the power of words and the use of social media for social change.

I never imagined myself being a blogger and posting my writing online. At first, I was shy about sharing my thoughts, and personal stories through social media, which literally opens up to worlds beyond my direct network. What motivated me to come out of my bubble and embark on the journey of NOP was my passion for creating social change and my desire for a new adventure. I wanted to try it out. There was an opportunity for me to make my voice heard, and to make known the issues that matter to me at heart, and did not want to miss this chance. So, I followed the butterflies in my stomach and took off with five fellow NOP bloggers.

I have to admit that before my experience as an NOP blogger, I underestimated the power of written (or typed) words. Previously, writing meant academic papers where I was required to follow strict guidelines and set prompts.

Since then, I’ve found there is a special and engaging quality to blogs. When you read a newspaper article online or offline, it tends to be that you are reading a one-way and often detached account. But, through blogging, I was able to have a conversation with my audiences by sharing my perspective and in turn having them reflect and think about their own.

Social media such as Facebook is a big part of my life. Let’s face it, social media a big part of the times we live in. Thus, when the idea came about that social media would be the engine driving NOP, I was looking forward to the potential for my writing to be a medium of social change. Sharing my blogs through a social network allowed me to engage new audiences and reach out to more readers in a scale beyond my imagination. Through social media, you and I built a special kind of connection that brought our worlds closer together. The intricate connections through which social media flourishes has allowed me to share my personal story, thoughts, and words across the web. Writing and sharing about issues that matter not only to myself, but also our communities. I hope I helped you to find new insight, to critically reflect, and to challenge your established beliefs.

NOP has empowered me by helping me define my identity and continue my passion for creating social change. And I believe truly that social change can occur one word, one NOP blog, and one “Share” and “Like” at a time. Observe the power within you.

And my last words: did you #NOPit?