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Meet our Bloggers – Angela Kim

By September 9, 2010No Comments

Come meet our New Organizing Project (NOP) blogger, Angela! You can find her posts on Thursdays, where she’ll  engage you on issues related immigration, identity, Korean culture and the psychology of it all!


If I can sum myself up, I’d say:

My name is Angela and I am a UCLA student majoring in psychology. Measuring from the ground, I may be a person of a short height. But measuring from the sky, I am one of the tallest people you’ll meet.

My hand and feet may be small in size but I want to make a difference with the people and souls I touch and reach.

My heart continues to dream big, and despite many challenges I tread on everyday with my eyes focused on a light called hope.


My favorite word is:

Attitude. This is my favorite word because I believe that no matter what you do and how much you have, your happiness is determined my what kind of attitude you have on life.


What I hope you’ll get out of NOP:

I hope that you will hear my voice. I want to come out of the shadows and build confidence in my storytelling, and hope that you’ll join me for the ride. In the end, I hope to have connected with you and moved you to action. Let’s do this through the power of social media.


I tweet at: