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A Million Dreams. One Common Denominator.

By September 21, 2010One Comment

By Angela
New Organizing Project blogger

“My dream is to be superman.” “I want to meet the President of the United States!” “My dream is for my mommy to take me to Disneyworld.” “My dream is to become a doctor.”

These are only a few of the cute, funny aspiring dreams we hear during kindergarten graduation ceremonies across the country. It reminds us that from the earliest moments we could remember, we all embraced a dream, however childish it may have been.

Every year, 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S. high schools with dreams, too. Although the individual dreams of undocumented youths are different, there exists a common denominator: to make a difference in this country. Whether it is by teaching knowledge and values to students in classrooms, researching medical cures, serving in the armed forces, taking on court cases or being a public servant, these students aspire to make a difference in this country they call home. As a dreamer myself, we simply want a chance, an opportunity to make a contribution, to make my mark.

When I attend a DREAM Act mobilization, I am always inspired by the burning passion and determination of my fellow peers, the DREAMers. The hope, energy and unceasing determination resonate in my heart. There is frustration, pain and anguish because even if we are fortunate enough to go to college, we face more hurdles, as we cannot find employment. The lack of a nine-digit number serves as the biggest obstacle against attaining our long held dreams. It also serves as one of the biggest fears in life.

However, these feelings of frustration and fears coincide with hope, courage and determination to move on. We are by name called “DREAMers” and that is what we are best at doing. We dream. We are strong individuals who do not only dream but mobilize, organize and continue to fight to make our voices heard. We will continue to ACT on our DREAM in order to be the change we wish to see. Our passion for wanting to make a difference in this country can never be silenced.

The stars have aligned. The time to act is now. Our dreams are inching closer to becoming a reality. Will you be a part of history and make millions of dreams come true?




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