The census form is quick (only 10 questions!), easy, and completely confidential. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share your responses to anyone else, including other federal agencies. Furthermore, the census does not ask you for your immigration status. So make yourself count and stand up for your right to a cleaner, healthier and stronger community.

There are many ways you can fill out the census survey and get counted:

1. Mail back the survey from your home
Starting in February, the Census Bureau will mail a questionnaire to every household in America. Fill it out (10 questions which take 10 minutes) and mail it back.

2. Fill out the survey with a Census taker when they visit your home
From May to July 2010, Census takers will personally visit every household that had not mailed back the questoinnaire by April 1st. You can fill out the questionnaire with them when they knock on your door. If you don’t want a visit, then make sure you mail in the questionnaire!

3. Go to a “Be Counted” site and fill out the questionnaire with community representatives
“Be Counted” sites will be located throughout your neighborhood – at local public libraries, churches, service centers, schools, and community-based organizations. At these sites, you can pick up a form which you can then mail back to the census bureau. There will also be “Questionnaire Assistance Centers” located throughout the community where a census staff can help you fill out the questionnaire. Both “Be Counted” and “Questionnaire Assistance” sites will be open from February to April 2010.[/wm_text_block]

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