America, Honor Your Promise: Citizenship for ALL Adoptees

Currently, an estimated 35,000 intercountry adoptees do not have citizenship, of which 20,000 are Korean Americans.  While they were adopted by U.S. citizen parents with the promise of a better life, because they do not have citizenship they have difficulties accessing employment, public services, home loans, passports and are denied the right to vote.  Additionally, they are at risk of deportation to countries where they do not speak the language, know the culture, have no known family members and would have great difficulty surviving.

Please be part of remedying this situation by signing a petition to Congress in support of the Adoptee Citizenship Act HERE!

If you are interested in volunteering for this campaign, please email us at nakasec@nakasec.org.  To learn more about the Adoptee Citizenship Act, please checkout this fact sheet.

Adoptee Rights

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