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NAKASEC VA July 20th Naturalization Clinic

By July 8, 2019August 28th, 2019No Comments

Our next Naturalization workshop will be held at Boat People SOS (6066 Leesburg Pike, STE 100
Falls Church, VA 22041) on July 20th, from 10 AM -3 PM.

At our clinic, we serve all Asian American community members especially low-income members. We provide eligibility pre-screening, N-400 application and fee waiver application completion, and legal review of the completed application package. When an applicant has red flag issues, we refer them out to other legal resource organizations or local immigration attorneys.

Call 703-256-2208 or email for an appointment.
Workshop fee to cover materials: $25.

드시 예약 필요함
예약전화: 703-256-2208 or
서류복사비 기부금 환영합니다: $25 불

Call 703-256-2208 or email for an appointment.

한국어, 영어, 베트남어로 서비스 제공합니다:
• 시민권 신청자격 여부 점검해 드립니다
• 시민권 신청서 작성 도와드립니다 (N-400)
• 이민관계 변화사 혹은 자격중 소지한 법율관계자가
신청서 점검해 드립니다.
• 시민권 안내서 (한국어, 영어, 베트남어)

Receive FREE services in Korean, Vietnamese and English including:
· A check of your eligibility for citizenship
· Assistance to fill out citizenship application (N-400)
· Application review by an immigration lawyer or qualified legal representative
· Copy of “Your Guide to Citizenship” (English, Korean and Vietnamese)

필요한 서류:
•영주권, 여권, 소시얼 시큐리티 번호
•지난 5년간 미국 밖으로 여행한 모든 기록
•가족관계 서류: 자녀 및 배우자 (현재 배우자와 전 배우자 모두)
• 만일 체포된 일이 있으시면 체포에 관련된 모든 서류
•지난 5년간 거주한 모든 주소와 직업

Documents needed:
· Green card, passport and social security card
· List of ALL trips taken outside of the US for the last 5 years
· Family information, including all children and spouse (current and former)
· If you have ever been arrested, certificates of disposition for all arrests
· Your address and job history for the last 5 years

For more information & questions: contact Soyoung Yoon at or 703-256-2208

Interested in volunteering at our clinics? Contact Miae Bok at