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Dreams Across America Tour Unveiled

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May 30, 2007
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Dreams Across America Tour Unveiled

Nationwide tour to call for comprehensive immigration reform by highlighting the stories of all impacted by our broken immigration system, immigrant and native-born;
Innovative effort to utilize worldwide web to mobilize the American public

(Los Angeles) – EL Cucuy de la Mañana, Renán Almendárez Coello, immigrants, American born citizens and community leaders gathered today to unveil the Dreams Across America Tour – a nationwide journey that will educate the public to dispel myths, give real facts, and share personal stories about the need for just and humane immigration reform in this country.

“I’m not an immigrant, but I’m taking part in this tour because we are all impacted by our broken immigration laws,” said Virginia Franklin, an African American woman. “This is why it’s crucial that we take our stories across the country because in the end, immigrant or American born, we all have the same hopes, dreams and aspirations. We can only reach them by working together.”

In eight days (June 13th- 20th) via ten cities, the tour will bring together one hundred diverse individuals from throughout the country referred to as Dreamers. These Dreamers will share their compelling stories and reinforce what still holds true today – no matter our backgrounds, immigrant or native born, we all cherish the values that make this country prosper. However, only by working together to address our nation’s broken immigration laws, can we continue to achieve and live the American dream.

“Since I was a child, I wanted to help others. That’s why my commitment to public service began when I was 16 as a nurse’s assistant, then as a medical corpsman in the U.S. Navy and now as a nurse,” said Luz Diaz, who immigrated from Mexico at four years of age and was undocumented for 20 years. “I now dream that everyone can have the same opportunity to reach their dreams.”

“My parents were freedom fighters for the independence of Korea. They were imprisoned for many years. Because of their struggles I learned the importance of fighting for those who often go unnoticed. That is my dream today.”, said Hee Pok Kim, who immigrated from South Korea in 1988, to be reunited with her children. “That’s why I am a dreamer, that’s why I am fighter for just and humane immigration reform, so we can all have a chance at fulfilling our dreams.”

“제 부모님들은 독립 투사로서 수년간 투옥 생활을 했습니다. 저는 부모님을 바라보며 소외 당하는 이들을 위해 활동하는 것의 중요성에 대하여 배웠습니다. 그것은 오늘날 저의 꿈입니다.”라고 1988년 자녀들을 따라 미국으로 이민 온 김희복(86)은 말했다 . “그렇기에 저는 꿈을 꿉니다. 그렇기 때문에 저는 공정하고 인도적인 이민개혁을 이루어 모든 이들이 자신의 꿈을 이룰 수 있는 날이 오는 것을 꿈꿉니다.”

Dreamers from throughout the country will take their story to our Nation’s Capital. Major stops will include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia and San Antonio. As the Dreamers embark on the journey, their stories and those of thousands of others will be prominently highlighted via the web, blogs and video.
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