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Call-In Action

On January 31, when Representative Mike Honda (D-CA) introduced the Comfort Women Resolution (HRES 121) , which calls upon the Government of Japan to formally acknowledge and apologize for the atrocities committed by soldiers of the Imperial Army during World War II. This Thursday, February 15, several former Comfort Women will share their stories and urge Congress to pass this resolution in a historic Congressional Hearing in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Many of the former Comfort Women are now 80 or 90 years old. With each passing year, the need for justice grows more urgent. Please take 3 minutes of your day to call the following Congressmembers:

1. Thank the resolution’s co-sponsor Rep. Mike Honda at (202) 225-2631:

My name is and I am calling from . I want to thank Rep. Honda for taking leadership on the Comfort Women Resolution. The atrocities Comfort Women have faced still haunt these women and our community and we thank you for bringing them one step closer to justice.

2. Call Rep. Tom Lantos, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at (202) 225-3531:

My name is and I am calling from . I urge the Representative to support the Comfort Women Resolution (HRES 121). During WWII, Japan systematically drafted 300,000 women for military sexual slavery. The Government of Japan still refuses to acknowledge any responsibility in the matter. As Americans, we can put international pressure for the Japanese government to apologize and pay reparations to these women. Thank you.


During WWII, 300,000 women and girls were systematically raped and tortured by the Japanese military. 80% of the women were from Korea. Only 25% are estimated to have survived. Those who lived were often unable to return home out of shame and have lived a life of severe mental and physical trauma. For decades now former comfort women have shared spoken out demanding justice. But despite growing international pressure, Japan has refused to acknowledge its moral and legal responsibility – even omitting facts about wartime atrocities, including sexual slavery, from school textbooks.

Visit for more information on Comfort Women.

Visit for more information on the resolution.