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Trump: Dreamers are not your bargaining chips

By August 22, 2017No Comments

President Trump: DREAMers are real people with lives at stake – they are not your bargaining chips!

In response to reports that the Trump administration may use DACA as a bargaining chip to get what they want in a larger immigration deal – offering DREAMers protection in exchange for legislation that pays for a border wall and more detention facilities, curbs legal immigration and implements E-verify — a coalition of organizations advocating for Asian American DREAMers has released the following statement:

“We stand in solidarity to reject this attempt to hold the futures of 800,000 young people hostage. DREAMers are not bargaining chips — they are human beings with hopes and fears, just like the rest of us. They are Americans. For these young people, DACA means the ability to work and go to school without fear of deportation and dream of a better future — for their families and for our country.”

“We must expose this action for what it truly is – just another manifestation in a long line of dangerous anti-immigrant and racist attitudes and policies that plague our country and rob our communities of the collective benefits we can achieve if we commit to work together to pursue a brighter future. In response, our organizations will work even harder than before, tirelessly in pursuit of equity and human rights. We will shout louder, grow stronger and we will persist in advocating for our communities and for the good of all.”


Church World Service
Disciples Refugee and Immigration Ministries
National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
Korean Resource Center
HANA Center

September 5th is the deadline for President Trump to rescind DACA. From now until then, the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC), Korean Resource Center, Hana Center and our allies will hold a 24/7 action in front of the White House demanding President Trump and Congress to defend both DACA and TPS. The public is invited to join us at daily vigils and to picket in front of the White House in solidarity. More information can be found at