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Solidarity with New Orleans Asian American Community — CALL IN JUNE 15-16

By June 14, 2006No Comments

Almost 1 year later since the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, communities are still struggling to rebuild their homes and lives. Unfair and discriminatory proposals have placed further burdens on the poorest and most impacted communities.

Most recently, a proposal has been put forth by the Waste Management Inc., a nationally located company,to create a new landfill approximately 0.8 miles from communities of color and working class communities. If executed, present dump site plans will lead to an 85 foot mountain of debris that covers 100 acres.The disposal site will contain hazardous materials, which could potentially contaminate ground water, be pumped into a nearby canal and then flow directly toward a largely Vietnamese neighborhood.Thus far community voices in opposition to the proposal were silenced by the City.

On THURSDAY, JUNE 15 and FRIDAY, JUNE 16: Join Thousands of Others to Oppose the Proposal!
Our fellow Asian American community members in New Orleans have called upon us all for our help.This blatant environmental racism must be stopped!Please take 2 minutes out of your day this Thursday and/or Friday and call your representative to ask them to oppose the building of the landfill!

1. SEND letters to your Representative, Senators and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by visiting and click on “how you can help.”

2. CALL your MAYOR in your City at (213) 978-0721 (For LA, Antonio Villaraigosa) and leave the following message:
“My name is (NAME).I urge you to contact Waste Management Inc. Corporate Office (703 512 6200) and let them know that they have to stop dumping at the Chef Menteur landfill site in New Orleans East.I’m calling to let you know that Waste Management –which your city uses- is responsible for dumping environmentally toxic waste into a landfill less than one mile from a largely Vietnamese community in New Orleans. Waste Management knows that this landfill is not safeguarded against groundwater seepage, and will mix with toxic waste and flow directly into the Vietnamese community. If the dumping continues, this community will not be able to rebuild – resulting in permanent and massive displacement of a community that has suffered enough in the aftermath of Katrina.Again, please show your support by calling Waste Management and telling them STOP OPERATING THE LANDFILL IN NEW ORLEANS EAST. Thank you.”

3.DONATE to support the community’s struggle.Visit for more information.

For more information please visit