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Get Active with NAKASEC-VA! (March-May Actions)

By March 22, 2017No Comments
Get Active with NAKASEC-VA!
Every day that there is something to be shocked about and express outrage, there is also an opportunity to come together to challenge and resist. Come together with NAKASEC to resist and keep a hold on our humanity. Please RSVP here.

Throughout April-June, various days – Voter Education and GOTV for Virginia Governor and other races
Description: In 2017, Virginia will elect a new Governor and Lieutenant Governor, as well as elect an Attorney General and House Delegates. The results carry consequences that can shape Virginia for at least the next ten years. Work with NAKASEC-VA to register, educate, and turn out Korean and Asian American voters in Northern Virginia and statewide leading up to the June 13, 2017 primaries.
Location: NAKASEC Office (4304 Evergreen Lane, Suite 104, Annandale, VA 22003)
Time: Weekday evenings, weekend afternoons

April 8 (Saturday): Community Art Day 
Description: Let your inner artist shine! Make posters and banners for upcoming mobilizations, as well as to make our VA space a more welcoming and cheerful place.
Location: NAKASEC Office (4304 Evergreen Lane, Suite 104, Annandale, VA 22003)
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

April 15 (Saturday): NAKASEC contingent – Tax Day March, DC
Description: Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised that he would release his tax returns “later.” Then, just a few daysafter Trump assumed office, his top adviser, Kellyanne Conway, said that he wouldn’t release his tax returns ever, because the American people “don’t care.” We’re here to say that we do care.
Location: U.S. Capitol West Front Fountain, 1 First Street, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20510
Time: 12 – 4 p.m.
Hashtags: #ShowUsYourTaxes #WhatAreYouHiding

April 29 (Saturday): NAKASEC contingent – Climate March, DC
Description: Climate change represents one of the most serious assault on working people and the environment in America and all across the world. We need to act together and make it clear that we will not stand for any attempts to undermine the fight for environmental justice.
Location: In Washington, D.C. Location to be determined
Time: To Be Determined
Hashtags: #ClimateMarch #PeoplesClimate

May 1 (Monday): NAKASEC contingent at Rise Up! May 1st Rally
Description: Demonstrate the power, resilience and strength of immigrant communities in America.  We will rise up for immigrant and refugee families!  We will rise up for workers! We will rise up for the DACAmented!  We will rise up for Muslims!  We will also rise up in solidarity with our LGBTQ sisters and brothers, for black lives and in defense of our planet!
Location: In Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia. Location to be determined
Time: To Be Determined