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Local Elections

By March 29, 2006No Comments

NAKASEC and its affiliates, the Korean Resource Center and YKASEC, were engaged in educating and mobilizing Korean American voters in local elections in California and New York City on November 8th.

In California, the Special Election featured several complex propositions, many of which were harmful to our communities.They included potentially detrimental changes to the budget and redistricting processes.To educate voters on these propositions, KRC held workshops with 820 mostly senior and college-aged participants. KRC also attempted to reach 1,100 voters through precinct walks and 3,090 Korean American voters through phone banking. A large majority of those contacted strongly opposed the propositions.In addition, NAKASEC and KRC participated in a larger effort with the Asian Pacific American Legal Center to monitor polling sites ensuring that limited English proficient voters had full access to the electoral process on Election Day.

For the New York City mayoral race, YKASEC published and distributed 5,000 Korean-language Voter Guides, which included the responses to a questionnaire sent to the mayoral candidates. The questionnaire asked candidates to describe their positions on issues impacting the Korean American and wider immigrant community in New York City, including affordable housing, paths to legalization for the undocumented, and small business ownership. YKASEC held community forums and conducted phone banking, reaching approximately 2,400 Korean American voters.YKASEC also conducted exit polls on the Election Day with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund.