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May 17 Election: Poll Monitoring

By March 28, 2006No Comments

To educate and empower Korean American voters for the upcoming Los Angeles General Election, NAKASEC and KRC co-produced a 12-page bilingual LA City Election Guide with Liberty Hill Foundation’s Liberty Vote!13,000 copies were mailed to Korean American voters throughout the city and an additional 2,000 were distributed at churches and markets.NAKASEC and KRC also held phone banking efforts to 2,500 Korean American young voters and Korean American low frequency voters.Finally, KRC also organized precinct walks to meet with voters directly.

On May 17, Korean American Angelenos helped to choose the next mayor of Los Angeles and voted on two amendments to change vote counting procedures during recall election and reorganize security at LAX.Over 26,000 Korean American voters who reside in Los Angeles make up about a quarter of the approximately 100,000 Korean American residents in the city of Los Angeles. In preparation for the General Municipal Election on May 17 KRC organized a 3-part Get Out the Vote effort that included mailers, phonebanking, and precinct walks.

To educate voters, KRC and NAKASEC co-produced the 12-page Korean-English bilingual LA City Election Guide with Liberty Hill Foundation’s Liberty Vote! which included key information about the election.KRC staff and volunteers mailed 13,000 copies to Korean American voters throughout the city of Los Angeles and distributed 2,000 at churches and markets.As part of this grassroots effort to Get Out the Vote, KRC called over 2,000 voters in Koreatown and organized precinct walks to meet the voters, directly.
KRC also conducted a city services survey of 189 Korean American Angelenos, predominantly residing in Koreatown, to assess their knowledge and usage of city government and services.Letters and short reports were sent to each of the mayoral candidates to inform them of the findings.

Finally, NAKASEC conducted poll monitoring at 13 precincts to check for compliance with the language rights minority provisions of the Voting Rights Act.