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Press Release:“Fast for Families Across America” Unites Leaders Throughout Texas and from Idaho to Utah to Call for Commonsense Immigration Reform

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Press Release
For Immediate Release:
March 11, 2014
Emily Kessel, NAKASEC,
Inhe Choi, NAKASEC,

“Fast for Families Across America” Unites Leaders Throughout Texas and from Idaho to Utah to Call for Commonsense Immigration Reform
Women and AAPI Fast for Families Strengthen Call for Reform
Yoon, Lopez, Medina, and Avila Meet with Faith Leaders in Utah and Texas
WASHINGTON D.C. – With the third week of the national tour underway and 25 congressional districts visited, “Fast for Families Across America” wraps up its last stop in Texas, while activists in the northern route join faith leaders and impacted community members in Utah after hearing the empowering call for immigration reform in Idaho. The movement to act, fast, and pray for immigration reform was also strengthened this week as We Belong Together, in collaboration with FIRM and SEIU, launched a month of action with women engaging in 24-hour fasts across the country, and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) organizations strengthened their involvement in the Fast for Families Wednesday fasts.

Throughout the heartland of Texas, “Fast for Families” leaders Eliseo Medina (SEIU) and Cristian Avila (Mi Familiar Vota), Inhe Choi (NAKASEC), and other advocates engaged faith and immigrant rights leaders, students and constituents from Corpus Christi to Plano, TX. On Tuesday, March 11, in Arlington, “Fast for Families” and Evangelical, Catholic and other faith groups also welcomed NCLR’s President and CEO Janet Murguia as Medina and Arlington constituents personally met with Congressman Joe Barton who told the delegation he supported a path to citizenship for DREAMers, and not others.
During a three-day visit to Salt Lake City, Utah, “Fast for Families” leaders DJ Yoon and Rudy Lopez (FIRM) met with a dynamic group of faith leaders including Bishop John C. Wester, Rev. Eunsang Lee (First United Methodist and NAKASEC board member), Rev. Yvonne Lee (Centenary United Methodist), Rev. Mary Janda (Episcopal Diocese), and Rev. Steve Klemz (Zion Lutheran Evangelical), along with Judy Barnett from Utah AFL-CIO, to discuss the next steps to opening the hearts of Utahan congressional leadership.
The Women’s Fast for Families will engage more than 4,000 women, from all walks of life, to act and fast in key congressional districts.
AAPI organizations in California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington D.C. are among the first to sign on to the Wednesday Fasts. NAKASEC and other participating organizations call upon the AAPI community to join the Wednesday Fasts in solidarity with Fast for Families every Wednesday throughout the season of Lent.

“Fast for Families Across America” will continue its tour this week in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Campaign Overview
On January 27, 2014, Fast for Families Across America launched its second phase with plans to visit over 100 Congressional districts in all. For one month, fly-ins was organized to reach over 25 key Congressional members. On February 24, 2014, the campaign kicked off its two-bus nationwide tour in Los Angeles. “Fast for Families” leaders DJ Yoon (NAKASEC) and Rudy Lopez (Fair Immigration Reform Movement) will travel on the northern route while leaders Eliseo Medina (SEIU) and Cristian Avila (Mi Familia Vota) will travel on the southern route for the entirety of the tour. Stopping at more than 75 districts with daily events calling for Congressional action on immigration reform, the two buses will meet in Washington DC in April.
“Fast for Families” reignited the immigration debate last November when Eliseo Medina (SEIU), DJ Yoon (NAKASEC), Rudy Lopez (FIRM) and Cristian Avila (Mi Familia Vota) —abstained from all food, except water for 22 days in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol on the National Mall. The campaign calls for Congressional action for just and humane immigration reform.
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