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Press Statement | NAKASEC Reacts to SCOTUS Healthcare Decision

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For Immediate Release

June 28, 2012

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NAKASEC Reacts to SCOTUS Healthcare Decision

Today the Supreme Court of the United States in a 5-4 ruling upheld the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) as constitutional.  Specifically, they ruled that the individual mandate, a major pillar of health care reform, is upheld.  The expansion of the Medicaid program, a program which covers low-income individuals, was also deemed Constitutional.  The Court, however, placed limits on its expansion by deciding that states are not required to participate in this.

The National Korean American Service and Education Consortium and its affiliates the Korean Resource Center in Los Angeles and the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center in Chicago issued the following statement:

Today’s decision is a welcome announcement for a community in which one in four Korean Americans are uninsured. Because of language barriers, the high rate of economic dependence on small business ownership, and immigration status, Korean Americans have been well positioned to see the failures of a health system for the needs of ordinary working Americans. Healthcare reform has already had tremendous impact on American families to have healthier and safer lives and we will now see its full impact.

The court’s decision on Medicaid’s expansion, however, unnecessarily puts the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities at risk.  State legislators who would choose not to participate in the expansion of the Medicaid program are only hurting the very people they are working for.

Affordable and quality healthcare is a right for all people in this country and no one deserves to be turned down when they are sick or injured. As we move forward with the implementation of healthcare reform, we will continue to ensure that access to coverage options, cultural and language assistance, and education is available to everyone. Moreover, we are also committed to working for the day when all individuals, regardless of their immigration status or economic means, have the opportunity to receive quality healthcare when it is in need.


The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) was founded in 1994 by local community centers to project a national progressive voice and promote the full participation of Korean Americans as a part of a greater goal of building a national movement for social change. NAKASEC is based D.C. and Los Angeles. NAKASEC also has affiliates in Chicago (Korean American Resource & Cultural Center) and Los Angeles (Korean Resource Center).