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Keep Families United: Support the Family Unity Waiver

By May 31, 2012No Comments

By Doo Yong Shim, NAKASEC Communications Intern

Today, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) along with the Alliance for a Just Society released “Promises to Keep,” a storybook that includes stories of hardships that families go through when they are separated under current laws and regulations.   We are urging the Obama Administration to strengthen and implement what we call the “Family Unity Waiver,” a proposed change in federal regulations.

In January 2012, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service announced a proposed new rule change that would allow spouses and children of US citizens to stay in the states as they apply for legal permanent resident status. Currently immigrants are required to leave the country and possibly risk triggering a 3 and 10 year bar from returning to their families.  This rule change could potentially allow hundreds of thousands of families to stay together.

NAKASEC has generated comments from nearly 100 Korean American and Asian American community members. Today, we stand by our immigrant advocate allies in pushing for this rule change that represents an important first step to keep families together in the immigration system.

You can support the proposed rule change!

  • Download a copy of the storybook
  • Submit a comment to support the rule change
  • Tweet the following: Your action is needed today! Keep families together & support the Family Unity Waiver –  (@Re4mImmigration) by June 1 COB!