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Building Stronger Communities – March eNewsletter

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Upcoming Events
  • April 14 – AB540 Workshop led by AKASIA and KRC (Contact: Jani Kim,
  • April 25 – National Day of Action: Supreme Court to hear arguments on the Department of Justice’s challenge to Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070. Join us for a rally in DC! (Contact: Joyce Yin,
  • April 28 – KRCC and Chicago North Collaborative Citizenship Workshop (Contact: Ju Young Oh,
Thank You for Your Calls!


A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to continue to raise awareness and make calls on behalf of Ueen Joung (Cindy) Chang who was detained in Eloy, Arizona. Just hours after our action alert went out, and after numerous days of working with the Asian Law Caucus on advocacy efforts, we received word that she was being released and on her way home to reunite with family and friends in California. Thank you for promptly picking up the phones and making calls for Cindy.

5th Annual DREAM Scholarship Launches!


We are now accepting applications for our 2012 DREAM Scholarship Fund (DSF)! Deadline for submission is May 18, 2012 (postmarked).


DSF is largely funded by youth-led grassroots fundraising efforts, as well as, generous donations and support from small businesses and individuals.


For eligibility requirements, download application forms or

to donate, please visit –

Help us spread the word! Suggested Tweets:

  • To be we dream! NAKASEC launches 5th Annual DREAM Scholarship Fund for #AAPI’s- apply today! #DSF5 @krcla @chicagokrcc
  • Apply for NAKASEC DREAM Scholarship Fund for #AAPI youth which launches today! #DSF5 #DREAMAct @krcla @chicagokrcc
  • Help youth achieve their dreams! Donate today to NAKASEC DREAM Scholarship Fund for #AAPI’ #DSF5 @chicagokrcc @krcla
  • Support youth in achieving their dreams! NAKASEC DREAM Scholarship Fund launches today #AAPI #DSF5 @chicagokrcc @krcla

DSF was founded in 2007 by Korean American youth who tirelessly campaigned for the passage of the federal DREAM Act for over a decade, to meet the immediate needs of their peers who were facing undue financial hardships in continuing their education. It has since become an annual effort to raise awareness of the federal DREAM Act and to fundraise on a grassroots level for access to education.


Join Us! April 25 National Day of Action

Supreme Court Hearing on SB 1070


On April 25, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in United States v. Arizona, the first legal challenge to SB 1070, Arizona’s anti-immigrant law. Since its passage in 2010, five other states have followed suit and more states are considering similar laws. We cannot stand idly by and watch this happen.


On this day, NAKASEC will join other immigrant rights and civil rights organizations in Washington D.C. for a National Day of Action. If you are in the area and want to know how you can join, contact Joyce Yin ( for more information.

Korean American Early Voting Day in Chicago a Success!

KA Voice & KRCC Mobilize Voters


On March 3, KRCC, as part of KA Voice, held a Korean American Voters’ Day at Glenview Village Hall aiming to turn out 300 voters for the early voting cycle. With a team of volunteers who were on location to greet voters and encourage their engagement throughout the 2012 election season, KA Voice surpassed its goal, which was double the number early voter turnout at the same polling site in 2010. Building on this momentum, KA Voice will roll out a comprehensive voter education and engagement plan that includes organizing voter registration drives, conducting voter education workshops and coordinating additional voter turnout campaigns.

March 2012 newsletter 01
Korean American voters make their voices heard during Illinois’ early voting cycle (Photo credit: KRCC)


A Renewed Call for Civil Rights 

Historic Selma to Montgomery March


On March 9, a delegation of community organizers and advocates from NAKASEC, KRCC and the Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc. (CPACS) in Atlanta, joined thousands of other labor and civil rights leaders and community members in Alabama for the final day of the 5-day long re-enactment of the historic 1965 Voting Rights March. NAKASEC and KRCC were also part of the march on March 8, a day dedicated to immigration. Workers’ rights and public education were also highlighted on previous days with the overarching theme of voting rights weaved throughout the entire march.

March 2012 - enewsletter 03
Members of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement at the Selma to Montgomery March. Morna Ha, executive director of NAKASEC is third from right

AJA (Americans Joining in Action), an all-women led Korean poongmul (traditional percussion) troupe also joined from Georgia to provide thunderous drumbeats for the marchers as they neared their final destination. The culminating rally took place in front of the State Capitol, just a few feet away from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.

March 2012 enewsletter - 04
AJA is a multi-cultural, all-women led poongmul troup from Georgia.


Put the Breaks on Hate 

SEIU, LCCR & NAKASEC Call on Hyundai to Stand Up for Human Rights


On March 16, leaders of the Service Employees International Union, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and NAKASEC stood beside labor movement leaders in Korea to urge Hyundai shareholders to stand against hate and voice their opposition against HB 56, Alabama’s anti-immigrant law. Investors and executives were urged to break their silence and oppose the law in a state where they have a significant auto manufacturing presence. Dae Joong Yoon, board member of NAKASEC and executive director of KRC was part of the contingent and delivered a testimony during a press conference following the shareholders meeting.


Dae Joong Yoon - Hyundai Korea
Dae Joong Yoon, board member of NAKASEC and executive director of KRC speaks at a press conference in Korea (Source: America’s Voice)

This effort is part of a campaign announced by American civil rights and labor leaders to urge major auto manufacturers in Alabama – Hyundai, Honda and Mercedes – to “put the breaks on hate”. Join the action!


Click here to read NAKASEC’s statement, view photos and read media coverage!

Become a Citizen Now! 

National Partnership for New Americans Launches Citizenship Campaign


On March 24, NAKASEC joined 11 other grassroots organizations to launch a citizenship campaign as part of the National Partnership for New Americans (“The Partnership”). “Become a Citizen Now!” aims to train over 1,000 Citizenship Coaches who can build capacity over the next year to meet the Partnership’s collective goal of naturalizing 3,650 citizens, assist almost 13,000 legal permanent residents and outreach to almost 73,000 people in 2012.

March 2012 enewsletter - 05
KRC’s citizenship workshop in Los Angeles.

KRC and KRCC held citizenship workshops in their respective cities in Los Angeles and Chicago, as par to the launch, and have more planned throughout the year.

March 2012 enewsletter - 07
KRCC’s citizenship workshop in Chicago.

Interested in becoming a volunteer or a Citizenship Coach? Contact Hee Joo Yoon ( in Los Angeles or Ju Young Oh ( in Chicago for more information.


Meet the people who keep us grounded, help drive our campaigns and motivate us! Our online series profiles our supporters every week! Stay connected to #meetNAKASEC Fridays!

  • Heejoo Yoon rewinds things back to the beginning in working to raise awareness in the Korean American community to oppose Prop 187.
  • Yongho Kim thinks KRC is the best. Well, don’t you? Read on to see why.
  • Hyun Kyu (Kevin) Lee was inspired by AKASIA members. Now he inspires a new group of youth to serve and act.

March 2012 enewsletter - 07

Photo caption: #meetNAKASEC (from left to right): Heejoo Yoon, Yongho Kim, Hyun Kyu (Kevin) Lee

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