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[Press Release] Nine Students Recognized for Leadership & Vision

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For Immediate Release
August 19, 2011

Joyce Yin, NAKASEC,, 202-299-9540
Chan Kho Kim, KRCC,, 773-588-9158
Angela Kim, KRC,, 323-937-3718


Nine Students Recognized for Leadership & Vision
Fourth Annual DREAM Scholarship Fund Recipients Announced

The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) and its affiliates, the Korean American Resource & Cultural Center (KRCC) in Chicago and the Korean Resource Center (KRC) in Los Angeles and their respective youth groups, Fighting Youth Shouting Out for Humanity (FYSH) and the Alliance of Korean American Students in Action (AKASIA), are excited to announce the recipients of the fourth annual DREAM Scholarship Fund. In all, 170 applications were received from 13 states including Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maryland, Hawai’i, Wisconsin, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and California.

Youth-led grassroots fundraising efforts, along with generous donations and support from small businesses and individuals allowed for the selection of 9 students who were chosen to receive $1,000 in scholarship funds to go towards their higher education expenses. Below is a list of the recipients [Please see the below for more information on each student]:

  • Yun Tae Cha – Los Angeles, CA
  • Grata Chung – Burbank, CA
  • Enkhtuvshin Dorjpurev – Chicago, IL
  • Kristin Jang – Irvine, CA
  • Lyn Hyejoo Kim – Chicago, IL
  • Su Yeon Kim – Charlotte, NC
  • Alex Kong – Buena Park, CA
  • Steve Li – San Francisco, CA
  • Sung-Kyu Paek – Haymarket, VA

“In order for us to move forward towards a progressive society, students and young leaders need to be educated and empowered. The Dream Scholarship Fund is that first step,” said Chan Kho Kim, Youth Organizer at KRCC.

Angela Kim, Co-Chair of AKASIA, added that “access to education is often one of the most difficult challenges that immigrant youth face today. Therefore, opportunities such as the Dream Scholarship Fund serve as a beacon of hope and a pathway for these outstanding and deserving students to attend college and achieve the dreams that they embrace in their hearts.”

The Dream Scholarship Fund was founded in 2007 by a group of Korean American youth from NAKASEC, KRC and KRCC who have tirelessly campaigned over the last decade for the passage of the DREAM Act – legislation that would provide a path to legalization for eligible immigrant students who grew up in the United States. NAKASEC and its centers are the coordinating bodies of the scholarship with local advisory committees that oversee the selection process.

Through the scholarship program, NAKASEC and its affiliates and youth bodies hope to address immediate challenges faced by immigrant students, but to also provide space for young people to grow as socially conscious leaders who are tenacious problem solvers and remarkable bridge builders.


The National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC) was founded in 1994 by local community centers to project a national progressive voice and promote the full participation of Korean Americans as a part of a greater goal of building a national movement for social change. NAKASEC is based in Los Angeles and has an office in D.C. NAKASEC has local affiliates in Los Angeles (Korean Resource Center) and in Chicago (Korean American Resource & Cultural Center).



2011 DREAM Scholarship Fund recipients
Sponsored by NAKASEC, KRC, KRCC and its youth groups FYSH and AKASIA


NAME: Yun Tae Cha
CITY/STATE: Los Angeles, CA
SCHOOL: University of California, Los Angeles
MAJOR: Civil Engineering
QUOTE: “[The scholarship] means a lot of things. First of all, the award will be going to my mom, to help her pay off our bills. It will surely lift some of her burdens to sustain my family’s life. That means better family life and less of my mom’s tears. Also, it will soothe the pains and unforgettable past memories that we have been grasping in the deepest part of our hearts. And, since some of the worries that has been hanging in my mind are gone, I will feel less burdensome and confident to further my education, to the future I am dreaming. After all, to an extent, this scholarship solved our past, present, and future. Thank you and your institution for everything that was and has been provided.”


NAME: Grata Chung
SCHOOL:University of California, San Diego
MAJOR: International Studies
QUOTE: “I am in absolute awe. Korean Resource Center’s DREAM Scholarship Fund allows students like myself opportunities to continue despite the barriers that may stand in between the starting point and the finish line, regardless of what one’s story is. The award itself will contribute to my college tuition and the living costs; however, it is important to point out that this scholarship is more than the dollar amounts. Being chosen as one of the recipients has given me a second wind to finish the race. James 1:17. He is always faithful.”

Enkhtuvshin Dorjpurev
SCHOOL: University of Illinois, Chicago
MAJOR: Computer Engineering
*Photo unavailable

NAME: Kristin Jang
SCHOOL: University of California, Los Angeles
MAJOR: Psychology
QUOTE: “Words cannot express my gratitude for this award. Being awarded the DREAM Scholarship encourages me to continue striving for the best, achieving my goals, and keeping up my motivation. As an entering freshman, the DREAM Scholarship will help offset my concerns for the financial aspect of college and allow me to focus strictly on my academic success.”


NAME: Lyn Hyejoo Kim
SCHOOL: University of Wisconsin, Madison
MAJOR: Landscape Architecture
QUOTE: “Receiving the DREAM Scholarship Award is very meaningful to me because I felt like I was given a big reward as return for the volunteering that I’ve done as one of my favorite hobbies. I felt like everything I did to advocate for the DREAM Act and also the hard studying I’ve done the past decade in school was worth its hardships and the great amount of time spent. By receiving this fund, I am able to support my costly school expenses and ultimately fulfill my educational endeavors.”


NAME: Su Yeon Kim
CITY/STATE: Charlotte, NC
SCHOOL: Queens University of Charlotte
MAJOR: International Studies
QUOTE: “I am immensely thankful to my God and to those who have made the DREAM scholarship Fund possible for students like me. I remember those times when pursuing higher education seemed farther away in the future due to financial situations. It is funds like this that allows students like me to cultivate our future without putting them on hold. I will use this fund to my college education. With this fund, I am able to learn, grow, and mature so I can give back to the community that helped me to be where I am today.”
*Photo unavailable

NAME: Alex Kong
CITY/STATE: Buena Park, CA
SCHOOL: University of California, Berkeley
MAJOR: Business Administration
QUOTE: “The Dream Scholarship is a source of hope for not only myself but for many other aspiring students of financially difficult backgrounds. I am a sophomore at Cal (short for University of California, Berkeley) who came home after a freshman year full of growth, maturation, and joy; thus it was a devastating blow when I realized that financial difficulties might hinder me from attending school next year. Through encouragement from family and friends, as well as the trust and peace that I’ve been provided through my personal walk with God, I was able to stay positive and productive over this summer–one fruit was applying for scholarships such as DREAM scholarship and meeting countless students with similar financial struggles such as the ones I held, which nurtured in my heart the vision to, following the example of NAKASEC, someday be a source of hope for students like myself and countless others. I know that this scholarship came only at the price of the sweat and toil of the many, many people involved in the funding and process; you do not realize the extent of gratitude that we recipients hold toward all of you. I will not let the sacrifices such as yours go to waste, but instead will follow my dream that you’ve helped develop with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Thank you.”


NAME: Steve Li
CITY/STATE: San Francisco, CA
SCHOOL: City College of San Francisco
MAJOR: Biology
QUOTE: “Being awarded this DREAM Scholarship means that I can continue achieving my goals and dreams to pursue my career in the health care field despite the obstacles that I face based on my immigration status. Not only is this my dream but the dreams of my parents as well, who have sacrificed so much in order for me to be here today continuing my education. This scholarship will be of tremendous help financially and it will go towards my school tuition. It will help me continue my volunteer work at San Francisco General Hospital and also continue my work in ASPIRE to promote immigrant rights and advocate for the Dream Act. Thank you for supporting the undocumented student movement in the API community and being a leader in this delicate issue that is not talked about as much because of fear and shame in the API community.”


NAME: Sung-Kyu (Mark) Paek
CITY/STATE: Haymarket, VA
SCHOOL: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
MAJOR: Undecided
QUOTE: “I am very thankful to be awarded with the DREAM scholarship. As silly as it may sound, this scholarship will motivate me to try harder from this point and on. I will always be grateful for this opportunity to lift some of the burden from my parents as I will use this fund to contribute to my tuition fee. Thank you so much!”