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Gone FYSH-ing

By July 14, 2011No Comments

By Josh Joh-Jung
New Organizing Project blogger


So what’s up readers?!

It’s been a while, but hey it was the Fourth of July and lots of things were happening – fireworks, parades, family, barbecue, you know your boy couldn’t just stand back and not get into the festivities. So I hope ya’ll had an awesome time last weekend because I know I did.

So Josh can you please get onto your topic?

Well yo boy just came back from a FYSH retreat.

What the heck is FYSH? Something about…well…fish? Am I part of some fishing club? Heck naw! (Although I do love to fish) FYSH stands for Fighting Youth Shouting out for Humanity and we are an organized youth group with the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center and campaign on issues pertaining to Chicago’s minority youth.

So what exactly did we do at this retreat?

We headed up to Sheboygan, Wisconsin (Yes, I know it’s a weird name) and ate, had fun in the sun on the beach, and most importantly conversed about organizing for the upcoming year. Hey, you didn’t think that we would only just talk for 72 hours straight did you? Shoot, we only teenagers not corporate executives.

We discussed the upcoming Coffehouse event, which is a yearly event organized by FYSH to fundraise for the DREAM Scholarship Fund. This year, for ya’ll reading this in Chicagoland, will be held @ Northside High School at 5:30 p.m. on Friday June 22. Come see us and support us. I got the flyer right below son! ☺

But also we discussed various topics for possible campaigns. These included injustice in the workplace, immigrant rights, immigration reform, environmental, etc. Now I can’t tell you what we have decided on because, well, we haven’t yet. The retreat was mostly to plan for Coffeehouse, throw up ideas in the air for next year, get closer to each other, and unwind. Heck, things been getting hectic around here.

So I know this blog piece ain’t that long but I promise ya’ll this, Ima come out with more juicy topics for ya’ll. Aight? So settle down and wait for yo’ boy. Peace.