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[Guest Post] Who Can Be My Hero? You and You and You! – MK7

By May 24, 20112 Comments
By MK7
Guest Blog Post
Part of NAKASEC’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month “Heroes Among Us” series
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mk7 – Asian American (Who can be my hero) by mk7theB

어렸을 때부터 난 조금 궁금했어 
슈퍼맨 배트맨 그들은 내 hero 
but nobody ain’t an asian
누가 나의 1호 영웅이 될진 아직 잘 모르겠어
지켜봐봐 계속 더이상 동양의 신비가 아니지
it wasn’t easy, but 확대되는 커뮤니티
이제는 많아진 동양계 CEO 
그들이 누군가의 귀감의 될진 아무도 모르는 일이고 
아직은 소수민족 이지만
스포츠 부터 연예계 두각을 나타내는게 누군지 한번 잘 봐봐
나도 좀 바빠 그들중 하나가 될 내가 바로 asian
이민자들의 희망 next generation
내뒤에 있는 많은 사람들의 꿈을위해 
오늘도 쉬지않고 달려간다 action

who can be my hero
손을 모두 위로
지원한다면 모두 내 등뒤로
you and you and you 
you and you and you
you and you and 
You can be my hero


English translation (not official)

Ever since I was young I wondered
Superman, Batman they were my hero
but nobody ain’t an Asian
I still don’t know who will be my #1 hero
Just you wait, no longer will it be an Asian mystery
it wasn’t easy, but our community is growing
there are more APA CEO
Nobody knows who will become the role model for somebody else
although we’re still a minority
take a look from sports to celebrities, who is coming out with prominence
I am pretty busy as well, since I’ll be one of them soon, I’m Asian
the hopes of immigrants are the next generation
for the dreams of the people
I don’t stop and spring to action

who can be my hero
put your hands up
If it’s you then you got my back
you and you and you 
you and you and you
you and you and 
You can be my hero


About the Guest Blogger:

MK7 is an aspiring singer/songwriter/music producer based in Chicago, IL. He is also a member of Fighting Youth Shouting out for Humanity (FYSH), which is the youth-led organizing council of Korean American Resource & Cultural Center (KRCC). You can find his other works here.