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Share Away!

By January 26, 2011One Comment

By Hyo
New Organizing Project blogger


There is an end to everything in life, and it is how you define the end that truly matters.

It’s liberating to be able to share your thoughts, to put it out there for others to see and to free yourself from reservations you may have had about something. That’s what I experienced through this 5-month blogging project that you all have come to love!

My blogging journey began late July when I was offered an opportunity to blog for NAKASEC. My fellow bloggers and I were taken under the wings of many dedicated staff and experts to launch a new initiative called the New Organizing Project (NOP). We were flown to L.A. for intensive training and team-building sessions that ultimately guided my own journey as a blogger.

Looking back, I wish I was more intentional about my posts, with careful planning and organization. Although it is too late to regret my shortcomings I think it’s never too late to reflect.

As I committed myself to this project, I hoped my writing; rather, my two cents would find its place in our ever-growing social networks of people of diverse backgrounds, philosophies and objectives. But even before I was able to influence or affect someone else’s life, I realized that I was going through changes.

This experience has helped me find my voice; identify it, use it and define it. It has given me confidence and comfort in sharing what I thought, believed, enjoyed and cared about. It empowered me to come out from my own shell of being a woman, an immigrant and an individual with much insecurity in embracing my quirks and many identities.

Overtime, I slowly began to explore, travel and experience new things for the sake of writing my next blog post!  It helped me get away from my routines and catapulted me to try new things with different people for different reasons.

So here it is, my last post for NOP. Will this be an end to my journey?  Yes and no.

Yes, my journey as a #NOPit blogger will bid you adieu. No, my journey as a blogger will not. NOP only marked the beginning of my journey as a writer; it has given me the platform and support to start.

But more importantly, I will not stop sharing my thoughts.

One of the most valuable lessons this project has taught me is the power of sharing. Deanna Zandt, author of Share This! said, “…connecting and sharing with other human beings creates an experience that is unfailingly moving and often simply delightful”.

I attest to this statement by simply referring to my fellow NOP bloggers. Every single one of them had something so valuable, inspiring and challenging to share. Every week, I was inspired simply by reading what each of fellow peers had to say.

As much as I don’t want this to end, I think we all have room to grow and to venture into new projects and plans. I hope to grow as a person, a writer and an activist who will continue to share with others.

NOP has allowed me to think about social, cultural, and identity issues on a more serious level. It has allowed me a safe environment and community to think about these serious and often controversial issues with an open mind.

I hope to continue to push myself to think about these issues, to write about them, to share them and to hopefully inspire and encourage others to do the same. Because for me, this experience was truly a transforming one that allowed me to push my boundaries, my comfort zones and my boxed in opinions.

As I ask my self ‘what’s next?’ I hope you ask yourself the same question. I hope you consider sharing with me and others your story, your life and your thoughts! I guarantee you that if you come at it with sincerity, honesty and curiosity; others will respond and appreciate what you have to say.

So, don’t hesitate and please, share away!