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8 Things To Do More of in 2011

By January 5, 2011No Comments

By Hyo
New Organizing Project blogger


Happy New Year everyone! While relaxing at home on the good ol’ Eastern Shore, I stumbled across a blog post that inspired me to ponder about the year ahead and led me to think about things I wanted to do more in 2011.

1. Read More
There are so many places, events, people, things and philosophies that are out there. It is impossible for one to experience, see and touch all. Books can solve your curiosities about the world and reveal amazing things. It can also inspire one’s mind and heart, move others to action and fulfill lives filled with mundane tasks.

2. Learn More
Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation where you kinda have an idea of what the other person is talking about but not quite? Well, I find myself in situations like this many times! This year, I don’t want to just kinda know what someone is talking about. I want to have more in-depth knowledge on the important social issues that’s prevalent to the time I’m in.

3. Ask More
I want to think more critically about anything and everything. I want to ask myself more questions and also have an inquiring mind to ask others their opinions and thoughts. Through this, I hope to find our more about myself and others.

4. Spend More
Are you stressed out about paying off your credit card debt post holiday season? This one should help you feel satisfied about your spending in 2011. Spend more time thinking about your material needs: food, life essentials, occasional luxuries and emergency needs. Prioritize, identify your pattern of spending and see where you can eliminate unnecessary expenses. Think of “unconventional” ways to spend your money, time, energy, expertise and passion that will override material satisfaction any day.

5. Save, Save, Save! More
We have become the generation of debt! We are constantly being enslaved by the mass media and advertisements to spend, spend, spend! What about planning for our future? This year, I want to be smart about my expenses. Cut out unnecessary spending, especially on materials for instantaneous gratification. I want to be able to log on to my bank account without holding my breath and cringing!

6. Exercise more (run more races)
This one isn’t about “losing weight”. It’s about feeling healthy inside and out. Healthy body translates directly into healthy mind!

7. Travel more
Forget about all the preconditions that follow traveling, such as money, time and exotic locations! Travel in and around your own surroundings. There is so much to see, hear, touch and learn all around us—take advantage of your youth, time that’s provided being a student and go to places! I hope to travel more domestically, taking weekend trips and always being smart about my spending.

8. Thank More
I want to thank more. I want to be more grateful for what I’ve been given and what I am able to enjoy. I want to express my gratitude more often by communicating in words and actions to those around me. And to start, I want to say how appreciative I am to NAKASEC (thanks Angela & Joyce for giving me this great idea :D) for this amazing blogging opportunity to have my words out there for others to see. It’s been a great learning experience where I got to learn how to manage my time, organize my thoughts and share them! Thank you NAKASEC and my fellow NOPers for endless inspiration and support!

I went through the process of elimination to come up with this list. I hope it’s been helpful. Please share with us any ideas you may have in making 2011 MORE meaningful!