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What is family?

By November 29, 2010One Comment

By Hye Joo
New Organizing Project blogger

What is family?

As the holiday season comes close, I frequently think of what family means to me and how valuable they are. To me, families are the people who you can depend on for sense of security and comfort.

When I first immigrated to America, I went through a lot of hardship trying to adapt to the new environment. Because I was not able to speak English, I could not make friends or receive good grades. I was often used as a scapegoat by other students when something bad happened in class and I was discouraged from trying my best to make improvements in my academics due to the consistently low grades. While all this was taking place, my “family”  was always there by my side, supporting me so I wouldn’t give up on myself. With their continuous help, I have now become settled and am very satisfied with my social and academic life in America.

This past Thanksgiving break, my brother who is attending a university in Wisconsin came home for few days. Sitting in our dinner table full of delicious Thanksgiving food, my family ate and talked about a lot of things; how “life is going”, popular news in the media, what’s happening in South Korea and several other random topics. I realized that the family talks which used to bore me are now moments I value and cherish. Since my brother moved out for college, and I will also very soon, I wish to make more family time.

Speaking of moments to cherish, I am reminded of all of my friends who also bring me good memories. I think friends can also be considered family even though they are not blood related. They bring me happy and relieving moments. Sometimes I face problems that I cannot ask my parents for help and they are the only ones who can help me solve them. Not only that, they are also the ones who I seek for advice because I find them going through similar experiences.I am so thankful for the tremendous amount of help I have received from both my family and my friends.

What could I have done without them?