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Dreams We Shall Not Give Up

By November 16, 2010No Comments

By Ju

New Organizing Project blogger


For undocumented students, the lame duck session is the last hope this year to push for the DREAM Act. The time is ticking and undocumented students cannot wait any longer to defer their dreams once more.

During the midterm election season, Senator Reid promised he would bring the DREAM Act up for a vote in the lame duck session regardless of whether he would win the election or not. Despite uncertain numbers at the polls before this election, Senator Reid was able to defeat his opponent Sharron Angle and retain the Senate seat in Nevada. Nevertheless, the midterm elections boded badly for the Democrats — the Republicans took over as the House majority and the Democrats lost six Senate seats, managing to only barely hold on to a majority.  So before all the new members join the Congress, the Democrats are hoping to bring up critical bills in the lame duck session.

Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also announced her plans to bring the DREAM Act up for a vote in the lame duck session. The DREAM Act legislation may pass in the House, but the Senate needs bipartisan will and work in order to pass the DREAM Act. In previous years, both sides of the political aisle have supported the DREAM Act, but it is not guaranteed whether those same members would vote for the DREAM Act this year or not. In addition to that task at hand, critical bills such as repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Pay Check Fairness Act, and Extend Unemployment Insurance policy are all viewed as urgent for the lame duck session.

Meanwhile, thousands of undocumented immigrants are under threat of deportation as we speak. A twenty-year-old San Francisco Community College student, Steve Li, was facing deportation until a public outcry and the work of a few public officials helped defer his deportation. This is wrong and we must fix our broken immigration system.

With all urgency, we must pressure Senator Reid to bring up the DREAM Act in the Senate floor by calling his office, delivering letters, and signing petitions. Once Senator Reid brings up the bill in the Senate floor, then we have to pressure targeted moderate Democrats as well as moderate Republicans to secure 60 votes to pass the DREAM Act. The time is now and we must act before we lose another undocumented student who is an asset of our community. This is our final push this year, and we shall not give up on the DREAM Act.


For information on what is going on with Congress, the DREAM Act and how you can help, please visit

Already know what’s happening? Start making your calls to Senator Reid by using the suggested script and call-in number below provided by DREAM University –

To Senator Reid (866-877-5552): 
“Hi, my name is ________________. I´m calling to Congratulate Senator Reid for his reelection and to remind him that we will hold him accountable for his promise to bring the DREAM Act for a vote during the lame duck session of the 111th Congress. Thank You!”

Afterwards, update your status: 
¨I called Senator Reid at 1 866- 877- 5552 and asked him to bring up the DREAM Act for a vote during the 111th Congress. Please do the same.¨