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April 2010 Update: Health Reform Statements & Thoughts

By April 9, 2010No Comments

Originally posted in the NAKASEC April 2010 E-Newsletter.

Over the past year, many of us – working parents, immigrant seniors, doctors, nurses, and acupuncturists, small business owners, faith leaders, and students and teachers – rose to stand with immigrants in health reform. While not all that we sought was achieved, we can be certain that we did as much as we could to make sure everyone was in and no one was left out. Recently NAKASEC released a statement and our reflections as we watched major health reform legislation become law and then quickly be revised. Later this month, NAKASEC’s Los Angeles affiliate, the Korean Resource Center, will be releasing bilingual materials to help people understand more clearly the contents of the new law.

In the meanwhile, please see some snapshots from members of the Coalition for Immigrant Equity in Healthcare and the US Congress:
Communities across the country will stay vigilant to see how state and national policymakers will implement the new law.