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Asian American 2010 Census Monitoring Project: Census Survey for AAPI Organizations

By December 1, 2009No Comments

The census 2000 undercount was 1% for Asian Americans and nearly 5% for Pacific Islanders nationwide. It is estimated that 150,000 to 175,000 AAPIs were missed in California during census 2000 which resulted in a loss of about $2.1 billion in federal funds.

We know how important the Census is for our AAPI communities and what is at stake if our communities continue to be undercounted ($400 billion is distributed annually based on census data). That is why we need to do all that we can to count every single community member so that jobs are created, pot holes are filled, community clinics stay open, and the quality of life for our families and neighbors improve for the better.

But it’s not just what community-based organizations do on the ground to ensure that everyone is educated and prepared to fill out the census survey – it is also the support we receive from the Census Bureau. That is why we are asking community-based organizations to please take a moment to fill out an online survey that will evaluate the outreach efforts of the Census Bureau to Asian American Pacific Islander communities. With the results, we hope to make a series of recommendations to the Census Bureau. Below you will find the link to the survey, as well as information to the national conference call to be held on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Asian American 2010 Census Monitoring Project:
Evaluation and Feedback by Community-Based Organizations
AALDEF, OCA, SAALT, NAKASEC, CAA, AAF, and ALC are helping the US Census Bureau effectively reach out to Asian Americans. We aim to assess successes and problems in the Bureau’s 2010 Census plans and activities.

Please take a few minutes to complete an on-line survey or/and participate in a national Asian American conference call evaluating the Census. Please share your experiences as a community-based organization in working with the Census Bureau so we can make concrete recommendations for improvement.

On-Line Survey

Take a moment to give your feedback about the effectiveness of the census’ partnership program, in-kind funding support, language assistance programs, and concerns about confidentiality.

To complete the survey, go to:

National Conference Call

Join leaders from across the United States in sharing concerns about the census so that Asian American advocacy groups can develop a set of recommendations and feedback to improve the Census Bureau’s outreach to Asian Americans.

Wednesday, December 2nd

12 Noon Eastern/ 11 AM Central/ 9 AM Pacific
8 PM Eastern/ 7 PM Central/ 5 PM Pacific
(the same call will occur twice)

If you wish to join the call, please contact Julia Yang at Be sure to provide your name, organization/affiliation, and preferred call-in time.