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Citizenship DayObama-Letter

Joanne (5th Grade)

By October 8, 2009One Comment

Dear Presidint Obama,

When you were a kid, did you think the goverment was being fair to your family? If not, do you think you and the government are being fair to everyone including the immigrints. Lots of people living here came from different countries and sometimes, not everyone is fair to them.

For example, my parents are from Korea and so my dad works everyday for long hours but we don’t earn enough money and my dad doesn’t get much vacation. Also, lots of people living here doesn’t have health insurance so some kids who are sick can’t afford to pay for bills. I hope you’ll reconsider and change some rules.


Joanne (5th grade)
Los Angeles, California

The Choice Before Us: Letters to President Obama is also available in PDF format. Edited and compiled by the Center for Community Change, Northwest Federation of Community
and National Korean American Service & Education Consortium.