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Be A Voice for Immigrants in Health Care

By September 28, 2009No Comments

Like the rest of America, Korean Americans need health reform:

“Five years ago, my father died from cancer. I was 17 years old. Because of his death, we’ve learned that preventive health check-ups, if not well attended, can lead to health problems that could be fatal. Being uninsured, my family and I are fearful of becoming ill. But the high costs of routine check-ups and doctor visits, discourage us from receiving preventive care.” – K. Lee, a student leader in California with the Korean Resource Center

Two weeks ago on Citizenship Day, NAKASEC convened 270 community members – young, old, urban, rural, first generation, third generation – from 29 states to paint a picture of citizenship that is grounded in the assumption of social responsibility to build a better America for all.

The debate in D.C. began to hit new lows with the town halls this summer and most recently with Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You lie!” statement during President Obama’s health care address to Congress on September 9. We have begun to successfully counter these voices of division and rancor by lifting up inspiring stories of true citizenship and by promoting real solutions to fixing our broken health care system.

Take 3 minutes to call your Senator at 866-974-8813 to tell them, “We are a stronger and better country when we can take care of all our people. Please stand for all communities, regardless of where someone was born or their legal status. We need quality, affordable health coverage for all.”

When you call, you will be joining thousands of others standing up for inclusive health care. We know that our calls can make a difference. Last Thursday, Senator Menendez passed a key amendment to support more youth having access to the health insurance exchange. This happened because people like you took action and made a phone call.

This is the right time to act together and for your community. Please call today.

If you have any questions, contact Hemi Kim (, 202.339.9318).