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Proposed DACA Rule is Not A Win

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September 30, 2021


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Proposed DACA Rule is Not A Win


Washington, D.C. –  On Monday September 27th, the Department of Homeland Security proposed a new rule for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The proposed new rule seeks to confront the July ruling from Judge Hanen that ended DACA for first time applicants. Although the proposed rule appears to solidify DACA from court challenges, in practice it places further restrictions on the program. 


The ruling would continue to allow program benefits for existing recipients, but would bar new applications for DACA status and create new DACA tiers without work permits. 

Recipients would still be able to apply for work permits, but also have the choice to seek protection from deportation without the work permit. This distinction masks the reality that the rule not only fails to expand the program with a permanent solution, but also risks removing work permits for hundreds of thousands of immigrant youths. The proposed ruling would force our communities’ financial security and livelihoods into an even more precarious position. Our communities have lived with uncertainty for much too long and deserve to thrive knowing that their futures are secure.    


Public comment on the rule opened this Monday through November 29th. We encourage people to use this comment period to remind the Biden administration that DACA is not enough. They must work to deliver on their promises and create a pathway to citizenship for millions this year. 


NAKASEC Organizing Director and DACA recipient, Jung Woo Kim, released the following statement: “We should make no mistake – this is not a win. DACA has been helpful but was only supposed to be a temporary stopgap; it is now at risk of being further restricted by fine print that negatively affects my life and the lives of thousands across the country. As temporary solutions, like TPS and DACA, continue to face attacks, it is more apparent than ever that we need permanent solutions as soon as possible. It is essential to our communities that Vice President Harris ignore the Parliamentarian’s advice and create permanent pathways to citizenship this year through budget reconciliation. Democrats have a rare opportunity to stick to their word and we hope they will take bold action and do right by our communities.”


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