KRCC March 2008 Newsletter

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KRCC  한인교육문화마당집 Newsletter

March 2008

2008년은 미국 대통령
선거의 해입니다. 한인동포 유권자들은 빠짐없이 투표에 참여 하시기를 부탁드립니다. 선거에 관한
궁금증은 마당집으로 연락 하세요. 자세하게 안내 해 드립니다.

Thank you for all of you who

donated KRCCs moving fund.

English Class

English Class

Citizenship Workshop

Citizenship Workshop

Lunar New Year Performance

Lunar New Year Performance

Guide for Primary Election in Korean

The Center published more
than 7,000 brochures on the primary elections that
includes lists of candidates for major positions,
how to use voting machine and polling place
information. Volunteers and staff members mailed or
visited the total of 12 churches and 7 senior
housing places to distribute voters’ guides before
Feb. 5th.

Il Kwa
Nori’s Lunar New Year Performance

In celebration of Lunar New
Year, the Center’s Korean cultural troupe Il Kwa
Nori performed at Conway Center of Columbia College
on Feb 8th
Coordinated by Asian Cultural Affairs Office and
Asian Students Association, the event attracted 100
students and faculty members to enjoy Korean
drumming performance and to taste Asian food.

Income Tax Assistance

The Center’s annual
tax assistance program began from Feb. 1st
and has already helped more than 85 taxpayers
with their tax preparation. As we can only
help limited numbers of clients per week,
please call ahead to make your appointment
and abide by your time.

English Class

A new semester began
on Mar. 11th with 18 students and the class
will meet every Monday and Wednesday evening
from 7 to 9 pm for twelve weeks. The Center
is looking for volunteers who can help as
teaching assistants. Native speakers of
English are welcome.

Application Assistance

In order to help parents
and students, the Center is conducting a series of
FAFSA workshops, from which one can learn how to
fill our FAFSA form on-line and get individual
assistance as well. One session was conducted on
February 16th and two more are upcoming. Please
contact Eunyoung Lee (773.506.9158, for questions and
reservations for the upcoming sessions.

Citizenship Workshop in Mt. Prospect

As the proud grantee of New Americans
Initiatives, the Center held its quarterly
citizenship application workshops in Mt.
Prospect on Feb. 23rd with its two Korean
partners, Hanul Family Alliance and Korean
American Community Services. Twelve clients
filled out their applications at the site.

Board of
directors elects
a new President

At the quarterly meeting in
February 2008, the board
of Directors elected Mr. Bob
Kang as the new board

A bilingual
teacher at Peterson
Elementary, Mr. Kang has
been a board member of the
Center since 2004. He will
serve as the president next
two years.


The Center established the DREAM
Scholarship Fund in collaboration
with NAKASEC, Korean Resources
Center in LA, and YKASEC in New
York City, our affiliate centers.
The Center’s youth group FYSHI
raised $1,000 via their
DREAM-A-THON event and grassroots
activities last year and the Center
contributed another $1,000 out of
its operating expenses. Any
college-bound Asian student, or
college student, who is in
financial need, is eligible to
apply regardless of immigration
status. To apply, please visit, download
application form and mail it to
KRCC till March 15th.

American Resources and Cultural Center
2701 W. Peterson Ave. Chicago, Ilinois 60059
Tel.773 506-9158 Fax. 773 506-9159