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From today’s Washington Post: Lawsuit Leads to Release of Immigrant

By July 3, 2008No Comments

Lawsuit Leads to Release of Immigrant
In Jail, She Was Denied Timely Medical Care
July 3, 2008

While NAKASEC and affiliates are heartened by Yong Harvill’s release from detention in Arizona to return home in Florida to receive adequate and quality medical attention, we call on the Department of Homeland Security to re-assess its conduct as many more lives hang in the balance. Ms. Harvill’s case has prompted the Korean American community to be even more vigilant in advocating for the protection of due process rights and calling on DHS to execute immediate steps to provide improved medical care – including mental health services – for detainees. To that end, we urge Congressional leaders to co-sponsor the Detainee Basic Medical Care Act (H.R. 5950 & S. 3005) introduced by Rep. Zoe Lofgren and Sens. Menendez, Kennedy, Durbin, Akaka and Lieberman. For more information about this legislation, visit: