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COVID19/Membership Fund LAUNCHED!

By March 30, 2020No Comments

Friends, we know that COVID-19 has been deeply affecting our most vulnerable communities, and showing no signs of stopping. Although several bills have passed in Congress for emergency relief (see our summary of the most recent CARES Act here), they do not cover the vast majority of undocumented folx, who are most likely to experience job insecurity, lower wages, and no paid sick days.

We also know that in this time, it is now more than ever that our AANHPI community to hold onto each other tighter than ever. We must remember that many of us cannot work from home and are not covered by government aid packages.

To ensure that we have the funds and the people power necessary to support the most vulnerable in our community, NAKASEC is launching our membership program with 100% of all dues going to our COVID19 Mutual Aid Fund for low-income undocumented families. We will also reach out to our members with timely updates and important calls to action where we need people power to make sure our families are included and protected. Policies are changing rapidly because of COVID, and we need a dedicated member base willing to show up now more than ever.

Membership dues are $50 a year, with a sliding scale of $25 for students or lower income members. 100% of member dues collected for the next month will go towards the emergency mutual aid fund to be distributed to undocumented folks in need. Our goal for the first two weeks is $5000, so please feel free to contribute more than $50 if you are able.

We know it’s a lot to ask, especially during these uncertain times. But you’ve shown us that you are dedicated to supporting our immigrant community, and we can get through this as a community, together. Thank you all always, for being the ones to keep this community warm and loving. We’re counting on your support! (For more information about membership benefits, please see below)



Your Friends at NAKASEC


Become a NAKASEC Member!

Join us as we strive to enhance the lives of Asian Americans, immigrants, and people of color through education, advocacy, and organizing!

Membership benefits include: 

  • Building a powerful Asian American organization and movemenr centered on justice & equality for ALL! #Citizenship4All
  • Make your voice heard with a progressive grassroots organization!
  • Opportunities to engage with a loving political community that is dedicated to your growth & well-being!
  • Tailored trainings, workshops, & webinars on how to be the best politically active person you can be!
  • Keep up with our news & updates!
  • Members-only fun swag!

*100% of our membership dues until 4/26/20 will go to our COVID-19 mutual aid fund, which will help low-income immigrants without protection from government aid receive the financial support they need.