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Action Alert | Submit Comments to Support Family Unity Waiver!

By May 22, 20122 Comments


Your Action is Needed Today!
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On April 2, USCIS issued a long awaited proposed regulation that, if implemented, would allow the stateside processing of waivers to the 3- and 10-year bar to re-entry for the immediate familymembers of United States Citizens.  Immigrant advocacy groups have called this the ‘Family Unity Waiver’.

Click here to see the proposed rule.

These changes could have the impact of keeping tens of thousands offamilies together during an administrative process that could take months or longer to complete, and family members would be able to avoid certain hardships under current regulations that force them to return to their countries of origin.  The proposal would have the added benefit of relieving administrative and budgetary burdens on federal agencies, and remove an important disincentive for family members to come forward for fear that they may be separated from loved ones for prolonged periods of time.

Your comment to support this rule change is needed today!


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Dear Director Mayorkas:

The three- and ten-year bars are tearing many families apart. I applaud the Department of Homeland Security for recognizing that these bars are creating terrible hardship for families. Korean Americans and Asian Americans understand the cruel pain of family separation as they experience the longest wait times to reunite with their loved ones and many live in households with individuals with mixed immigration statuses.

I urge the Department to adopt this proposal along with the following improvements: 1) Embrace all families separated by the bars, including sons and daughters of U.S. citizens and immigrant visa-eligible family members of lawful permanent residents; 2) Ensure confidentiality in processing of waivers.Families must have the security that stateside processing will support family unity. The Department must ensure that applications remain confidential and not trigger removal proceedings; and 3) Make the standards clear. The “extreme hardship’ standard should be clearly defined, be evenly applied, and include the financial and emotional effects of separation.

Thank you.


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