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Risking Deportation in Los Angeles ICE Headquarters

By October 25, 2011No Comments

By David Cho
New Organizing Project blogger


(Photo credit: Carlos Amador from Dream Team Los Angeles)

The CA Dream Act finally passed! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the good news via text and Facebook messages from fellow Dreamers and supporters. I quickly thought of students and allies who advocated for this bill since its inception in 2006. Some have witnessed Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoing different versions of the bill three times. But the youths of this movement were steadfast. Because of their hard work, energy, and passion, the CA Dream Act is now a reality.

Since the recent victory, students, advocates, and allies geared up for another national campaign: administrative relief. President Obama has the power to halt the deportations of all Dream Act eligible students and grant work authorizations with the stroke of a pen. He could bypass Congress by issuing an executive order, granting temporary relief for students.

The Obama administration and Department of Homeland Security recently announced they would drop deportation proceedings of Dream Act eligible students. However, shortly after the announcement, UCLA alum and fellow Dreamer, Matias Ramos, faced a deportation order. ICE monitored Matias with an electronic shackle around his ankle, forcing him to charge its battery next to a wall three hours a day.

On October 12, five brave Dream Act students, Nancy, Neidi, Francisco, Adrian, and Tony participated in a sit-in at the Los Angeles ICE headquarters, risking deportation. Their courage inspires students like me to be part of this movement.

I highly urge you to take action with me by signing an online petition to the White House, asking President Obama to stop deporting Dreamers. Signing an online petition is the least we can do.